The One is the downbeat. Without one, there is no 2 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 and so on.
It is also the top of the form, what keeps us together during solo sections.

 "The One" - Photo by Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu

At the same time, all your experiences, images, feelings, stories, ups and downs, dreams, goals and disappointments are stored in one place inside you. No other “hard drive” is like yours. No other DNA Fingerprint is the same as yours on this planet. This makes you unique. And once you discover who you are, what your mission is in this world, you realize that there is only one person who can accomplish it.

That one is YOU.
— Henry Cole


Miles Davis 


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Skip Hadden

Drummer, Author, Composer, Educator

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Fico Muñoz


Percussionist, Author ,Philosopher,Educator


John Riley

Drummer, Composer , Author, Educator

I feel the best is yet to come. Like Prince says when he’s talking about hitting the beat and getting to the music and the rhythm. I’m going to keep “getting up on the one”, brother. I’m just going to try to keep my music getting up form the one, getting up on the one every day I play. Getting up on the one. Later.
— Miles Davis
In PHYSICS, 1 is defined but there is a question of what happens before ONE, or the BIG BANG for example… Was there something before ONE? In CALCULUS, before a car starts moving, what happens before that... how to calculate that event… for example… The idea was nicely defined by PLATO but the Indians (India) have it clear and so do the Africans
in their own way… ONE (YAWE) which is LLAVE which is GOD which is THE KEY… THE CLAVE ;-) for example. The idea is simple yet
all-encompassing, like anything universal!!! ONE is ONE. Anything divided or multiplied by 1 is 1. 1 equals 1
ONE is the FIRST frequency of a harmonic event….UNIVERSALLY! A harmonic event has only ONE. HYDROGEN is 1 in the TABLE OF ELEMENTS
— Fico Muñoz

What is The One for You?