The One - Tank Top Black

The One - Tank Top Black


The One  - Tank Top Black
First Edition


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Skip Hadden



Fico Muñoz


But in physics ONE is the beginning of the movement or frequency ! DUDE …rock on ! ;-)
— Fico Muñoz





ONE is the FIRST frequency of a harmonic event….UNIVERSALLY! A harmonic event has only ONE. HYDROGEN is 1 in the TABLE OF ELEMENTS
— Fico Muñoz
In PHYSICS 1 is defined but there is a question of what happen before ONE or the BIG BANG for example…was there something before ONE…. in CALCULUS before a car starts moving what happens before that…. how to calculate that event… for example…
The idea was nicely defined by PLATO but the Indians (india) have it clear so the Africans in their own way… ONE ( YAWE) which is LLAVE which is GOD which is THE KEY …THE CLAVE ;-) for example ….
The idea is simple yet all encompassing like anything universal !!!…
ONE is ONE anything divided or multiplied by 1 is 1, 1=1
— Fico Muñoz