Roots Before Branches Signed Limited Edition CD

Roots Before Branches Signed Limited Edition CD


Henry has taken the tradition he grew up in and greatly expanded it’s meaning. His recording “Roots Before Branches” is a beautiful demonstration of this expansion.
-Chick Corea – 11 Mar ‘13

“ There’s rock, bebop, poetic recitation, floating Ornette coleman-style melodies, elegiac string-quartet writing, ambient electronics” 
– New York Times – Ben Ratliff

 “Along the way, Henry Cole & The Afro Beat Collective will have made you smile, made you think, surprised you, and – most of all – made you want to dance. You tell me: what more can you ask of an album?”
– Jam

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Crazy With Joy: 
Henry Cole & the Afro-Beat Collective Find An Age-Old Mestizo Heart and Fresh Jazz Flash in Afrobeat on Roots Before Branches

Quicksilver Puerto Rican drummer Henry Cole knows how Wayne Shorter might have jammed with Fela Kuti. Or what Miles would have done if only he’d gone Afro-Caribbean with his rock-jazz hybrids. He hears how jazz can grab the rootsy sounds of bombaplena, and Cuban rumba, and sparkle with electro sheen and rock energy.

He hears it, because these sonic roots have been intertwining in Puerto Rico for hundreds of years. “If I had been a Puerto Rican musician playing a few centuries ago, I would have had the same kinds of influences: African, indigenous, European,” Cole explains. “They’ve come together to create mestizo sounds forever, and I’m just carrying that forward.”

Cole & the Afro-Beat Collective on Roots Before Branches, a gently autobiographical yet firmly funky vision that channels the joie-de-vivre of Cole’s home scene in Puerto Rico and the bright sophistication of New York’s jazz heights. Equally able to jam with a hip hop crew or jazz masters, Cole harnesses his well-honed rhythmic power and his love of catchy, evocative melodies to create a deep, wide-ranging vision of unity, balance, and Afro-Caribbean creativity.
One night, the bold beat that shook up Lagos came home to Puerto Rico.