Henry Cole & Villa Locura - SIMPLE

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

- Leonardo Da Vinci

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If something felt good, I would loop it , try to dance to it and visualized it being played in Puerto Rico. Instead of judging the idea, I left it there as it was. I was detached completely from trying to impress or “change the world” or creating something that was a masterpiece. My focus was on feeling good, on how the musical parts worked together, and on keeping a strong groove. I was not focused on writing stuff that needed hours of rehearsal or that was too complex. I wanted people to enjoy it and make them feel like dancing. I also wanted musicians in the band to enjoy themselves playing the compositions.
— Henry Cole

henry cole & villa locura

raw and spiritual.

interstellar puerto rican funk music.

This is a unique project..YES! All the elements that form this project had never been together before in one place. The music of SIMPLE establishes a new genre, a new style of música puertorriqueña that brings influences and sensibilities from all over the world effortlessly into one common placeThe Groove. In an era where almost all of the music is being recorded one musician at a time, having such an amazing line up of artists playing together at STUDIO A is an extraordinary event, one that the studio interns still talk about.The main recording sessions were a 4 day lockout at Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios with a room full of incredible talent working all together, sometimes up to 15 musicians tracking at the same time! The sessions were also filmed on video by multi-award winners Kacho Lopez and Cesar Berríos and photographed by Luis R Vidal. My goal is to release a full 12 track album along with a documentary about how the music came together, about the power of unity, the musicians involved and the inspiration behind all of this project that has become a way of life to me after 3 years. Also, it is my intention to portray how we can use this principle of Simplicity as a place to be reached through constant practice, a constant search for knowledge and using SIMPLE as a way of life in general.

I am 100% confident that this will be a very important project and its impact will last for many years.

- Henry Cole, December 2017

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
— Albert Einstein

Phil Joly, Chief Engineer at Electric Lady Studios and co-producer of SIMPLE,
describes the experience of being in the studio with Henry Cole & Villa Locura

                         About Henry Cole

Drummer Henry Cole transforms the music scene one beat at a time. Described as “the future of drumming,” (Bongohead) Cole leads Villa Locura with wide musical range, grace and sheer power behind the drum kit. A Puerto Rico native and a current resident of New York, he has toured throughout the globe, performing in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Central America, Korea and Japan. He combines various musical influences - Puerto Rican folklore, funk and R&B, jazz and Afro-Caribbean rhythms – creating his own unique genre that bridges the traditional with the contemporary. Henry's main goal is to see music as “One World,” a space beyond styles, reaching out to audiences of all kinds with a message of determination and unity. By the end, Henry Cole will “have made you smile, made you think, surprised you, and – most of all – made you want to dance” (JamBands).

 Click on the photo for live video

Click on the photo for live video

Artistic PERSONNEL and production credits

Your Aura is your best and most powerful Stylist.
— Henry Cole
Henry has taken the tradition he grew up in and greatly expanded it’s meaning. His recording “Roots Before Branches” is a beautiful demonstration of this expansion
— Chick Corea
Making music is a big comping excercise.
To be good at comping you need to listen first.
To listen first your ego has to be put away.
To put your ego away you need self confidence.
To have self confidence you need to be prepared and ready.
To be prepared and ready you need practice and study.
To practice and study you need to be humble.
— Henry cole
— Bruce Lee
In bringing stylized traditions of Puerto Rico and Afro-beat together, Cole has made something entirely new
— nextbop

                     Simple as a way of Life

Simple embraces Cole’s vision of 21st Century Puerto Rican music, encompassing
a wide range of global influences from folkloric rhythms to jazz, rock and funk.
— Don Macica


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